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E n t e r


My life sucks.

   My girlfriend of over three years suddenly decides to up and quit on
me.  She says its because I'm too insecure.  About what, I don't know.
True enough, my self esteem is a bit tattered, but hey!  Nowadays, who's
isn't?!  Regardless though, I'm lonely.
   Tonite is really quiet.  Twenty four hours ago I would've been tucked
in in a nice warm bed with some soft, pliable flesh next to me.

  Now, I'm
cold and my only bed fellow is the remaining two cans of my twelve pack.
I'm drunk, horny and utterly alone.

   Well, not totally.  There's also my dog, Shadow.  He's been about my
only true friend through out this fiasco.  My ex may think I'm a loser
piece of shit, but Shadow--he is his master's best friend.  To date, I
don't think he really cares about my self esteem so much as my ability to
open his can of Alpo.

  Tonite, he's been patient and quiet company, making
sure his master doesn't go too overboard is his druken stupor.  Shephards
are good protectors that way, always looking out for things.

   I glanced blurry-eyed at the dull red of my alarm clock.  Shit.  It was
nearly 3:45am.  Here I am, drunker than a Kennedy, with work not five
hours away.  Damn that bitch.  If I lose my job over her, too...

   With a noisy revelry, I push myself off the can encrusted bed, knocking
a few empties to the floor.

  The noise pierces my beer infested silence
and Shadow looks quizzically at his master as I stumble to the shitter.
The light inside cuts deep into my eyes--god, I look like shit.  I fumble
for my neglected prick and let the golden stream fly.  Missed the toilet,
too.  Oh well, fuck it.  Without zipping up, I hit the light and stumble
back to my bed.

   Shadow is obviously concerned.  He knows my life's not right.

good for him.  He's never had sex--he doesn't have to suffer with the loss
of it leaving him.  Fucking dog's life... it's better than mine!

   With a quick scratch on his head, I turn to the bed and strip off my
shirt.  I drop my jeans and boxers and kick them in the corner, too.
Fucking bed's covered with shit, so I do my best to pick up the goddam
empties and increase the dirt pile in the corner of my room.

prancing around like he wants to help, too.  Stupid mutt.

   With most of the empties chucked away (not just to the corner, but I'd
find that out in the morning), I drop to the floor to scrounge for a
couple which almost got away under the bed.  There's just one more and
wouldn't you know it--the fucker's just out of reach.  Well, almost got

   What the fuck?!  Something rough and wet just licked my ass!

  Oh shit,
Shadow, you... hey, stop licking!  You dumb mutt, you can't...  heh,
heh... stop, it tickles...

   Despite having my german shephard lick my ass (the hole, even), I was
too drunk to give a fuck.  Besides, with no one here but me to enjoy it,
it felt good!  God, my girl friend...ex, that is, used to lick my ass. I
loved her for that.  But Jesus, Shadow's tougue was fucking awesome!  It
was rough, wet; it was...

it was getting me hard!  I must be some kind of
pervert but I know what I like!  Shadow was turning me on.

   In the dim light of my room I could see Shadow pacing finickly behind
me, stopping frequently to lick my ass and sometimes I'd see him lick his
red prick which decided to pop out and say hi.  As drunk as I was, I
wanted that prick.  Shadow returned to his hot analingus as I quietly
pleaded for him to hop up and..

well... just fuck the bejesus out of me!
Yet he kept pushing his hot muscular dog tongue up my ass.  To my
surprise, I became aware that I was wimpering. God, please fuck me,
Shadow.  Please.

   Suddenly, I felt him place a paw on my back, then another.  As he
pulled he massive frame on top of me, I felt his hot fur rub my back.
Soon, I felt another wetness prodding my ass.  Shadow was prodding my hole
with his huge canine prick.

  With all his licking, I knew I was wet enough
for him but could I loosen up enough to take his cock up my... my god,
what was I thinking?!  What the fuck do I care, I'm fucking drunk!!!

   With a few painful jabs, Shadow found my asshole.  Ungh!  Oh god!  His
cock felt incredible.  I felt his thickness strectching my ass as he
quickly thrust his pulsing prick deeper and deeper into me.  His movement
was next to spasmodic as he fucked his master's hole.

  It was liked having
a ninety pound vibrator stapped in your ass!

   Suddenly, I cried out in pain as he pushed the mighty knot of his cock
into my sphincter.  I felt my flesh tear as he continued to pound my ass.
Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Go Shadow!  Go!  Yes!!!

   Shadow gave a piercing yelp as he slammed his 10" dog prick as deep as
it would go.  I could feel him start to spurt his hot cum up my ass, an
endless stream of fucking dog sperm!

  It dribbled down my legs and onto
the floor.  I didn't care; I felt awesome!  Oh, I'm sure Shadow did too.
Good boy.  Oh yes, very good boy.  Stepping over my back, Shadow's knot
tied us together in utter ecstacy.  His cum was hot, his prick was hot,
and I was hot... for Shadow?

   I don't know if it was the beer or not, but something changed that
night.  I found out that I really didn't miss my ex-girlfriend that much

  I had a new best friend.  As I rested there with dog cock up my
ass, I had a druken revelation--I love dog sex.  I love Shadow!

   Maybe I'll get drunk tomorrow, too....


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